Best Under Armour Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Almost one in three people have flat feet. It is a common problem that leads to tired, achy feet.

Without the right footwear, flat feet also make you more prone to bunions, arthritis, hammertoes, and general discomfort. These issues become even more severe when trying to run with flat feet.

Luckily, Under Armour has quite a few comfortable options for those suffering from fallen arches, including several pairs of running shoes.

Which pair should you wear? Use the following reviews and comparisons to find the best Under Armour running shoes for flat feet.

Best Choice – Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

The Micro G Assert 7 comes with a one-piece foam midsole with extra arch support. The midsole is also removable, allowing you to replace it with a flatter insert if you suffer from anatomically flat feet.

This versatility makes the Assert 7 the best pair of Under Armour running shoes for flat feet.

The upper materials include lightweight textiles and mesh layers with a durable leather overlay. The leather provides more stability for the midfoot, keeping it from shifting around inside the shoe.

The outsole is made from solid rubber and includes a curved toe to support the rocking motion as you shift your weight to your toes. 

It also comes in several different styles. Choose from various combinations of black, gray, and white with white outsoles.

Unfortunately, it does not come in wide sizes for those wanting a little extra room in their shoes.


  • Affordable price for durable sneakers
  • Removable footpad and one-piece foam midsole
  • A stable design with leather overlay


  • Only available in standard sizes

The Micro G Assert 7 should suit any runner with flat feet, providing superior support and comfortable design at a great price.

Under Armour Women's Micro G Assert 7 Running Shoe, Graphite (102)/White
  • NEUTRAL: For runners who need a balance of flexibility & cushioning
  • Lightweight mesh upper delivers complete breathability
  • Durable leather overlays for stability & that locks in your midfoot
  • EVA sockliner provides soft, step in comfort
  • One piece Micro G foam midsole for ultimate comfort

Runner-up – Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe

The Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe is the men’s equivalent to the previous option and includes many of the same features. It has a rubber outsole, synthetic materials, and a removable foam midsole with one-piece construction.

In fact, it uses the same Micro G midsole used in the Assert 7 sneakers.

The foam midsole provides the arch support needed for dealing with collapsed arches. However, this support may add stress if you suffer from anatomically flat feet.

For naturally flat feet, remove the midsole and use a flatter replacement.

The Micro G Pursuit Running Shoes also include EVA sock liners with extended arch support. This also aids the collapsed arches.

For added comfort, the shoes have foam padding around the ankle collar and under the tongue. Along with increasing the overall comfort of the shoes, the extra padding provides a more secure fit.


  • Removable footbed for flat feet
  • Flexible outsole provides more balance
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • One of the more expensive options

The Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe is the top choice when looking for men’s Under Armour shoes, thanks to its removable footbed and flexible outsole.

Under Armour Men's Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe, Academy Blue (402)/Black, 11
  • NEUTRAL: For runners who need a balance of flexibility & cushioning
  • Lightweight mesh upper delivers complete breathability
  • Foam padding placed around your ankle collar & under the tongue for an incredibly comfortable fit & feel
  • High rebound, die cut EVA sockliner built with extended arch support
  • One piece Micro G foam midsole turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs

Under Armour Women’s HOVR Sonic 2 Running Shoe

If you have naturally flat feet, the flatter design of the Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2 Running Shoes should provide greater comfort and less stress. These shoes have a basic cushioned midsole without any unnecessary padding, allowing the arches of your feet to collapse naturally.

The HOVR Sonic 2 Running shoes also include a few helpful features that may improve your running performance. The advanced UA HOVR technology creates a zero-gravity feel that maintains energy return to eliminate the impact of each step.

These shoes also feature digital technology. The Under Armour Record Sensor tracks and analyzes metrics related to your runs, allowing you to review your performance. 

The HOVR Sonic 2 Running shoes do not come in wide sizes, but Under Armour does offer a wide range of colors. 


  • Allows your feet to naturally collapse
  • Tracks your running metrics
  • Available in 12 different colors


  • Does not come in wide sizes
  • May not work well for collapsed arches

The HOVR Sonic 2 Running Shoes offer minimal arch support to give a stable platform to those with true flat feet.

Under Armour Women's HOVR Sonic 2 Running Shoe, Black (003)/White, 7.5
  • NEUTRAL: For runners who need flexibility, cushioning & versatility
  • DIGITALLY CONNECTED: UA’s Record Sensor technology tracks, analyzes & stores virtually every running metric so you know exactly...
  • UA HOVR technology provides ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact step after step
  • Compression mesh Energy Web contains & molds UA HOVR foam to give back the energy you put in
  • Microthread upper

Buyer’s Guide for Under Armour Running Shoes

How do you select the right Under Armour shoes? Start by looking at the following features and details:

  • Arch support 
  • Shoe and toe box width
  • Cushioning
  • Breathability

There are two types of flat feet, which impact the type of shoes you should wear. Some people have naturally flat feet while others develop collapsed arches. 

A collapsed arch typically occurs due to a weakened muscle in the foot or a lack of support from your running shoes. 

If you were born with anatomically flat feet, too much arch support adds stress. It sends more of the impact from the ground to your feet, knees, and lower back.

Look for shoes with flatter midsoles or removable footbeds.

For those that develop collapsed arches, shoes with an elevated midsole help support the feet. The extra arch support helps protect the foot until it gets stronger and develops its own arch.

No matter the type of flat foot, it helps to wear shoes with a roomier toe box. This ensures that your toes stretch correctly, keeping the joints and muscles inline and limiting unnecessary stress on the foot.

Cushioning and breathability impact the overall comfort of the shoes. However, too much cushioning may limit the range of motion of your feet, affecting your runner’s gait. 


The Under Armour running shoes reviewed provide a good balance of support, cushioning, and overall comfort. When selecting a pair, consider the differences between collapsed arches and anatomically flat feet. 

If you suffer from collapsed arches, the support found in the Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker and Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe can reduce stress on the feet. For those with anatomically flat feet, the HOVR Sonic 2 Running Shoe may offer more comfort.

You also need to ensure that the shoes fit snugly against the foot while allowing the toes to spread evenly. With the right shoes, you can enjoy running again. 

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