4 White Leather Nursing Shoes For Under $70

Finding the right shoes for your day to day life as a nurse can be time-consuming and very confusing. The hunt may involve visiting brick and mortar stores and multiple websites in a long quest to find something that makes happy; not settle.

If what you’re looking for is a comfortable but stylish white leather shoe, this article discusses a few options available to you for under 70 dollars so you don’t have to break the bank to get what you want.

Note: these shoes are in no particular order

1. Cherokee Women’s Leather Shoe For Nurses

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Cherokee is a reputable brand in the nursing and medical field, known to produce strong and comfortable shoes, scrubs and other related items.

This medium heeled shoe provides just enough elevation without being overbearing for the long hours that sometimes come with being in the nursing profession, and the carefully designed grooves on the bottom provide incredible traction for walking on wet floors.

It also sports a padded collar strip, and moisture absorbing lining materials for which is particularly useful if you have sweaty feet.

Finally, this shoe is APMA Accepted, which means the American Podiatric Medical Association has deemed it ideal for good foot health.

2. Natural Uniforms White Leather Slip-On

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This Natural Uniforms shoe has a very sleek and professional look, loved by nurses all around the world. The leather is stain resistant so you never have to worry about unsightly, hard to remove marks.

The padded collar strip and elastic goring make it easy to slip on and off which is great for the woman on the go, or someone who just to remove her shoes during breaks to let the toes breathe.

3. Unbranded White Loafers For Nurses

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If you’re into brand names, just skip this one.

However, if you’re into simple, inexpensive, cute, light shoes, this is the shoe for you.

If you’re somewhere between both, you have nothing to lose by giving this white leather moccasin a chance seeing that it’s quite inexpensive.

Made from synthetic leather and available in 7 colors, these flats can not only be worn on the job but on your casual, off days as well.

4. Hanna Belle White Slip Ons

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The Anna Almeida shoes have the standard nursing look and are an excellent option if you like simplicity and durability at an affordable price.

The build is solid and the heel is low to medium.

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