Why do Surgeons Wear Clogs?

Today you can find more people in the workplace wearing clogs. Actually, it is not uncommon to find surgeons wearing clogs even in the operating room. In fact, clogs are the most common pick of shoes among surgeons.

Undoubtedly, clogs are the ideal choice for surgeons. They are easy to remove, help your feet breathe and are extremely comfortable. However, many consumers ask why surgeons prefer clogs over trainers or custom sneakers.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that clogs have to offer:


Clogs are a popular type of shoe for surgeons, even nurses love them. All around, the design offers better support for the back, knees and feet. It is the perfect shoe for professionals who have to be on their feet for extended amounts of time.

Medical Team At Work

In addition, clogs have better foot alignment, superior arch support and weight distribution. The design features help keep the feet aligned and prevent your feet from sloping. With optimum support you have superb comfort.


Clogs are generally composed of high quality rubber. When compared to everyday shoes, clogs will last a lot longer.

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Unlike trainers or tennis shoes that look worn out after a few months, clogs retain their shape and newness. In truth, rubber clogs are more durable and will keep their shape for much longer.


Because clogs are open in the back, your feet can breathe a whole lot better. They are also cool and breezy, preventing excess moisture and sweat.

Why do Surgeons Wear Clogs?

Plus, since the design is quite breathable for your feet, it eliminates several issues like excess heat and sweat, fungus issues and athletes foot.


A quality pair of clogs is extremely comfortable. When you wear a pair of clogs your feet are relaxed and supported.

Surgery clogs

With the proper design clogs have to offer, stress on the tendons and joints are eliminated. In fact, many cheaper can create long term damage to your feet. However, clogs give you both comfort and arch support.

Protects Your Feet

Clogs offer a better solution for protecting your feet. The closed-toed design allows greater protection from blunt force, falling objects and from toxic chemicals. In addition, closed toe footwear safeguards against spills during work such as bodily fluid.

There are No Laces

One of the key reasons why surgeons prefer clogs is because they don’t have laces. When a surgeon is carrying sharp tools or helping with surgery, it’s hard to see if their shoe laces are secured.

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Clearly, untied shoelaces are dangerous and can cause a severe accident. In contrast, when a job requires a lot of rushing around, having no laces will add extra protection from potential slips and falls.

Decreases Back Pain

Clogs offer outstanding support for the feet and ankles. Compared to trainers, they are much sturdier. Plus with extra support, clogs decrease back pain that is often caused by poorly designed shoes.

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In fact, shoes that do not have support can put added stress on your back and cause lower back pain. Further, most professionals agree that wearing a supportive shoe can prevent back pain.

Helps Decrease Stress

Stress is drastically reduced when you wear a shoe that is breathable, delivers support and comfort. Oftentimes surgeons spend a lot of time on their feet which can cause back pain and sweaty feet.

However, wearing shoes that are supportive and breathable decreases the stress and protects against back pain and other uncomfortable discomforts.

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With extra foot cushions, superb ankle support and breathability; clogs make the ideal shoe for surgeons and many other professions. Plus, without the stress of unnecessary pains, a surgeon can have better focus on the job.

Easy to Slip On and Off

Clogs are often a favorite among surgeons because they are easy to slip on and off. Oftentimes, hospital workers have to keep sanitized to prevent spreading germs and infections.

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Wearing clogs that don’t need to be touched with your hands is extremely convenient and beneficial. In addition, when it’s time to leave work, clogs can easily be kicked off and placed in a locker.

Simple to Clean

Although clogs are not as stylish as tennis shoes or trainers, they are definitely supportive and very comfortable.Clogs also have many other benefits such as low maintenance.

Unlike trainers, clogs are very easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe the surface. Drying time is also minimal.

Top Clogs for Surgeons

Today, clogs come in a wide array of styles and brands. In fact, the numerous selections can sometimes make it difficult to decide which pair of clogs is best. For the most part, the majority of clogs have the same features and benefits.

However, there are a few clog brands that are far superior when compared to other brands.

Merrell Encore REXTON Leather Earth

You can enjoy full day comfort with the Merrell Encore REXTON Leather Earth clog. The shoe has less weight, more support and plenty of style.

With a breathable mesh lining and a microfiber collar, the shoe offers optimum protection against sweat, excess heat and fungus issues.

This top-quality clog delivers full support. It has a removable contoured insole for flexibility plus an air cushion with heel-toe comfort that’s ultra-lightweight.

The Merrell Encore REXTON Leather Earth is also very stylish it is crafted with 100% leather and features an ergonomic rubber sole. This popular clog also comes in many colors like Dark Earth, Castlerock and Black.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to break-in
  • Sole has good traction
  • Heel has a slight bounce
  • Great support and balance with good flex and stiffness


  • Micro-fiber collar goes is loose after a period of time
  • Not as athletic of a clog as other Merrell Encore lines
Merrell Men's Encore REXTON Leather AC+ Clog, Dark Earth, 11 M US
  • Merrell Air Cushion+ heel to toe comfort in this air-ride system with strategically placed lugs for the ultimate lightweight...
  • Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole for flexible support
  • Microfiber collar

Birki’s Women’s Super Clogs

Birkenstock’s are a renowned brand known for its durability and excellence. The Birki’s Women’s Super Clogs are no exception to Birkenstock’s high quality standards.

The Birkenstock Super Birki is popular among surgeons, nurses and also restaurant workers. It is a unisex vegan clog that is both stain and slip resistant.

The upper is dirt-proof and composed of water resistant polyurethane. The clogs are ergo shaped with moisture-wicking cork-latex.

Plus, the footbed lining is non-slip and grease resistant. what is more, the insole is made of very soft microfibers that keep their shape.


  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Breathable microfiber lining
  • Ergonomically designed cork footbed
  • Perfect all-around protection and grip


  • May run a half size small
  • Some reviewers said they take time to break in
Birkenstock Unisex Clogs Super-Birki - As Ciel Blue Light - Woman 7-7.5 / Men 5-5.5
  • Regular Width (, W, Normal)
  • Manufacturer: Birkenstock Material: Alpro-Foam
  • Footbed: Alpro-Foam Sole: Alpro-Foam
  • Made in Germany and send directly from Germany
  • Sandals

Merrell Men’s Encore Rexton Chill Ac+ Clog

The Merrell Men’s Encore Rexton Chill Ac+ Clog is another favorite among surgeons and nurses. It features an air-ride system that craftily spaces the lugs for extreme lightweight cushion.

In addition, it features a Kinetic Fit Base insole that is removable and contoured for ultra-support. With its rubber sole and microfiber collar, this clog is sure to please.

Plus, Encore Rexton Chill Ac+ Clog features a moc leather ac+ and faux fur lining for when temperatures get cold.


  • Excellent support
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Extreme lightweight cushion
  • Quality made with a comfortable fit


  • Piping around the edges sometimes folds
  • Some reviews felt it should be snugger for ankle support
Merrell Men's Encore REXTON CHILL AC+ Clog, Castlerock, 11 M US
  • Merrell Air Cushion+ heel to toe comfort in this air-ride system with strategically placed lugs for the ultimate lightweight...
  • Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole for flexible support
  • Microfiber collar

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