Looking for a nice pair of dress shoes that are comfortable and good looking? 

You're in the right place.

Here's the 3 best shoes for doctors. Enjoy!

#1 Best Shoe for Doctors - Dr. Comfort Classic Men's Leather Shoes

These shoes look good and offer great support and comfort. Your feet will feel good and you'll look good as well. 

What we like

  • Made of genuine leather so they'll last longer.
  • Super comfortable thanks to the added cushioning in the heel.
  • Look like regular dress shoes so you can wear them anywhere.

Runner up - 2nd Best Shoe for Doctors - Doc Martens Boyle Slip On

This classic, simple design along with the Doc Marten name make these shoes one of the most popular choices for doctors and nurses.

What we like

  • Doc Martens with real leather = high quality, long lasting shoes.
  • Classic, comfortable style. One of the most popular shoes for doctors and nurses.
  • Simple design (no shoelaces) means they're easy to clean and maintain.

Budget Choice - Dr. Scholl's Winder II

If you're looking for something similar to Doc Martens but without the price tag, these Dr. Scholl's shoes might fit the bill. The Winders are comfortable and simple at a fraction of the price of more expensive shoes.

What we like

  • Dr. Scholl's is known for their extreme comfortability.
  • One of the most budget friendly options for doctors and nurses.
  • Basic design, no shoelaces or crevices means these are easy to clean.

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