Sanita vs Dansko Shoes

Anyone who works on their feet knows the value of comfortable shoes. The medical profession can be especially hard on the feet.

Between juggling duties and navigating unpredictable workplaces, nurses can go an entire shift without taking a break. Because of this, nurses’ shoes should be comfortable but sturdy, designed to withstand long hours of running, walking, and standing.

There are very few companies that can deliver a shoe fitting all that criteria. That’s why Sanita and Dansko are two of the top shoe brands in the industry.

Sanita and Dansko History

These two companies started as one shoe manufacturing company in Denmark. After splitting in 2007, the Dansko half moved to the U.S., while Sanita remained in Denmark.

Today, both Dansko and Sanita offer work shoes with thick, durable heels, roomy toe boxes, and plenty of arch support. While similar in quality and style, there are a few key differences that every buyer should know about before picking one brand over the other.

Dankso Work Clogs

Based in the U.S., Dansko is a well-known favorite among nurses and doctors. Dansko’s work clogs feature a slip-proof bottom and a perforated insole.

Their rocker soles allow for shock absorption as well as easy transitions between stopping, walking, and running. Due to their thoughtful design, Dansko clogs are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

They are handmade in China, so quality is guaranteed. However, size consistency can vary. Customers should try to buy Dansko shoes in person or make sure the website where they make their purchase allows exchanges.

Top-Selling Dansko Shoes

The Dansko Professional Cabrio Clog

Is a very comfortable shoe with an antimicrobial lining to keep bacteria at bay, perfect for the demands of a long, busy shift. For something a bit more stylish, nurses can turn to the Dansko Women’s Professional Mule.

The mule has a slightly shorter heel and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The mule heel is also wider for stability, making it both sleek and comfortable.

Dansko Women's Professional Black Cabrio Clog 7.5-8 M US
  • Leather and or fabric uppers
  • Padded instep collar for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection with plenty of "wiggle room" for your toes
  • PU outsole with rocker bottom to propel foot forward and provide shock absorption
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability

Sanita Work Clogs

Sanita was the original manufacturer of Dansko’s shoes before the two parted ways. Therefore, Sanitas will be very similar to Danskos with a few subtle differences.

Like Dansko, Sanita uses the highest quality materials to construct their slip-proof work shoes. Sanita clogs are handmade in Denmark, so they can also be inconsistent in size.

Most have shorter, thinner heels than comparable Dansko clogs, which makes Sanita clogs lighter and cheaper than a pair from Dansko. Their clogs are also APMA-approved.

Coupled with a legacy in shoemaking going back over 100 years, it’s no wonder why Sanita is one of the industry’s most popular brands.

Top-Selling Sanita Shoes

The Sanita Cabrio Clog

Is a straightforward work shoe. Its main feature is the anatomically-shaped footbed, which supports the natural contours of the foot.

Sanita’s Professional Croco Clog offers the same benefits with the addition of a luxe, crocodile-leather upper body.

Final Verdict

Overall, there aren’t many differences between Sanita and Dansko. Buyers on a strict budget might consider Sanita shoes, which tend to be cheaper than a similar pair from Dansko.

If dressing for style, their choice might instead depend on the color or pattern options each brand has to offer. One thing they don’t have to worry about is quality.

Both companies offer durable, comfortable shoes that are well worth the price.

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