Surgical, Waterproof, Rubber-Like Work Clogs By Sticky (10+ Colors)

Made of rubber-like, thermoplastic material, these work clogs by Sticky are extremely lightweight and have been lauded by nurses all over the USA.

The super comfy footbed is made with an absorbent material so your feet will remain dry and comfortable all day long. This footbed was put in place to make up for the reduced breathability that’s common in clogs like these.

Another notable positive is that the sole comes equipped with a quality shock absorber and an anti-torsion system to promote natural foot movement and motion while walking.


– Super lightweight
– Absorbent footbed to keep your feet dry
– Durable material
– Shock absorbing sole with anti-torsion system
– Slip-resistant outsole
– Waterproof
– Not recommended if you need extra arch support or have particularly sweaty feet
– Affordable