Best Shoes for Pregnant Nurses

Backaches and swollen feet are two of the most common pregnancy symptoms. Taking frequent breaks to rest your feet is an excellent way to minimize these symptoms, but some jobs have less opportunities for breaks than others.

Nursing, for instance, requires long, standing shifts. Therefore, pregnant nurses are especially prone to foot and back pain, and they must rely on the right shoes to protect their feet.

If you’re a nurse and an expectant mother, here are the top three shoes you should wear at work during your pregnancy.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog-Slip on

Dansko is a trusted brand among nurses, renowned for their quality, stability, and comfort. The professional mule has a shock-absorbent rubber sole, which can help mitigate the impact of standing all day.

The memory foam footbed and inner arch support provide plenty of cushioning, whether the wearer is standing or walking. The black leather exterior makes this comfortable shoe perfect for professional or casual settings.

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Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

The Skechers Go Walk walking shoe is the most lightweight shoe on the list. The fabric upper provides breathability and stretch, while the special composite sole provides protection without extra weight.

The removable insoles allow the wearer to adjust the inner arch support to their liking, and the lace-free design makes it very easy to slip on and off. These features result in a shoe that’s very gentle on aching, swollen feet.

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Buyer’s Guide for Pregnant Nurses

Obviously, the market isn’t limited to just the top three shoes. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for your next nursing shoe.


Nailing the fit is the key to finding a comfortable shoe. The toe box should fit the widest part of the front half of the foot.

A thicker heel can provide relief to those with high arches, while those with low or no arches should look for shoes that are completely flat from the toe to the heel.

Soles should be stiff but flexible enough to accommodate the natural bends in the foot that occur during movement. An ankle collar, which provides extra support to the ankle, will also go a long way for nurses who stand all day.


Unless the workplace has a strict dress code, nurses have a plethora of styles available to them. A slip-on shoe is the most convenient option for nurses who don’t have time in their day to stop and tie their laces.

A sturdy clog or mule made of easy-to-clean leather or faux-leather can benefit nurses working in hazardous or messy environments.

Shoes for Pregnant Women

Along with comfort and style, pregnant nurses must also take their changing feet into consideration when picking out shoes. Pregnancy can cause a woman’s feet to swell and grow, sometimes even affecting the shape of the arch.

Slip-on shoes are crucial for pregnant women, since they don’t require bending over to put them on. Shoes should also be flexible and have some stretch.

Some women may even consider buying shoes that are a half size up for greater comfort as their feet swell with pregnancy.

Final Verdict

The above examples are the top three recommended shoes for pregnant nurses, but they aren’t the only options out there. Humans are unique, after all, and no two pregnancies are alike.

Trying on different shoes in person at the store is the best way to find your best fit. If you’re a nurse going through pregnancy, remember to consider comfort first and style second, and you’ll surely find a shoe that will serve your needs.            

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