Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All Day

One of the most difficult parts of being a nurse is working on your feet all day. This can lead to a lot of pain and even long-term complications. As every nurse understands, however, the work is never going to slow down. In order to solve this problem, feet need to be given proper tools to survive these long days of use. Here are the best shoes for nurses on their feet all day.

Sketcher Sport – Loving Life

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Sketcher has a reputation for making comfortable shoes, but their sport ‘loving life’ shoe takes things a step further. The most important feature is the memory foam sole that will help retain the custom shape of your foot for bespoke comfort. The mesh design on the upper portion of the shoe helps with breathability to keep feet ventilated and cool throughout the day.


Reebok Work N Cushion

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As the name suggests, this Reebok shoes is designed specifically to keep feet comfortable during long days of work. Nursing fits this description perfectly. The sturdy, leather design makes it a durable shoe that can take a lot of damage. With the inclusion of Reebok’s Kwik-Close design, this shoe is comfortable and form-fitting. Another great addition is the oil and slip resistance.


ASICS Gel Dedicate

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ASICS is known for making mega-comfy running shoes, but they also are comfortable for other professions. Because their primary design is for sports, these shoes offer a great range of mobility. You don’t have to worry about getting blisters in these shoes. Furthermore, they are incredibly comfortable to walk in. They are designed to be moved in and this is obvious when wearing them.


K-Swiss Tubes Run 100

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Another running shoe makes this list by no mistake. The K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 has a midsole made of Eva for a comfortable fit. The heel is also designed to absorb impacts that can help prevent injuries. The tongue of the shoe is padded to make it more comfortable and sturdy as well. This shoe comes in multiple colorways for those fashionistas out there.


There is no escaping the amount of time that nurses spend on their feet all day. The running around and the endless list of to-dos lead many nurses to have food cramps and possibly bigger complications. While soles can help solve this problem a bit, the most important component is finding a proper shoe. These shoes are just a few suggestions to help get ideas flowing.

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